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When high speed internet access is critical, make no compromises. Business internet from The Loop gives you all the bandwidth, all the time.

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Market leading High Speed Internet connectivity

Dedicated, uncontended, symmetrical – it’s fibre all the way, right to your premises. Outperforming xDSL, leaving your competition in the slow lane.

From 30Mbit to 1Gbit, Business Internet from The Loop is always on, not shared, not contended. The speed you order is the speed you get.

Provisioning is equally fast. Our network passes thousands of businesses. And we know the city and its business centres. You’ll be online faster with fibre than you ever thought possible.

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The Loop’s fibre network  is diversely routed for extra resilience, and is based on a multiple ring topology. This means virtually no disturbance from ground works.

Low Latency

Microseconds can matter in many real-time internet applications and transactions, especially when split-second decisions need to be taken. The Loop’s network takes the shortest physical route possible wherever it can, minimising delays and latency. And shaving valuable time off responses.

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Unlike normal internet access where your connection is all too often contended (shared) between several companies and users, The Loop’s internet solution gives you 100% of the bandwidth, 100% of the time. No sharing. You get what you pay for.

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Noticed how some internet services have a great download speed but things slow down considerably when it comes to uploading? Internet access from The Loop is symmetrical -uploads and downloads always run at the same speed. Send your data faster.

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Proper Support

Call The Loop’s support line and you won’t get an overseas call centre or an agent who doesn’t have a clue. Instead you’ll get through to our 24/7 team located right here in Manchester, with skilled engineers ready to respond.

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Cost Effective

Because our network is 100% owned by us, end to end, we’re not beholden to other operators. So we can set our own prices. And we’re certain you’ll find them some of the best prices going for fibre internet anywhere.

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Some internet access can be hit and miss at best. Fibre-all-the-way access from The Loop, uncontended and dedicated to your business only, is refreshingly different. Buried deep for extra protection, our network keeps on working. So your business can too.

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When you work with The Loop you’re in good company. We connect and serve some of Manchester’s biggest and best-known companies. Data centres. Broadcasters. Media firms. Post-production. Studios. Enterprise centres. All of them trust The Loop to keep them online.

Brands we work with

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Why choose High Speed Business Internet from The Loop Manchester?

That’s a good question, and one with multiple answers.

For some, it’s because, well, because of our network. Wholly owned by us, it offers a unique blend of extensive reach and robustness, spanning Manchester, Salford and Trafford and configured as three rings for diversity and redundancy. Our fibre is buried deeper beneath the streets than other networks for greater resilience and security.

For some, it’s because we already interconnect Manchester’s most important digital locations including data centres and media city to each other and to the world.

For some it’s because our operations, provisioning and support teams are based right here in the city. From delivering new connections to resolving tickets on existing ones, we get the job done while national providers are still thinking about it.

For some it’s a matter of cost. Because we wholly own the network, we can deliver services at highly competitive prices.

And for some it’s because we are local and responsive, but backed by the technical and financial weight of Gamma Communications plc, one of the UK’s most innovative and successful unified communications providers.

Whatever your reason for choosing The Loop, the fact is you’ll be in good company.

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High Speed Business Internet

High speed business internet from The Loop Manchester is not shared, not contended and not dependent on the quality of your phone line or distance from the exchange.

Instead you get a dedicated, fibre connection all the way into our network giving you as much bandwidth as you need from 30Mb to 1Gb. And unlike the much slower uplinks of other services The Loop’s is symmetric – the same both ways. Order 1Gb download and you’ll automatically have 1Gb upload.

Get connected quickly too. The Loop’s extensive fibre network passes thousands of addresses already and we’re growing all the time. Our installations engineers know the city, know the streets and know how to get you online with fibre fast, without mess or disruption.

Fully business grade all our internet services use Cisco routers – arguably the best in the industry. Our services are highly resilient with a range of backup options around fibre or DSL. They’re fully managed too from our Manchester-based operations centre so we can spot and take care of any problems. And in the event you need support, our local team is on hand whenever you need them: you won’t get put through to an overseas call centre.

As well as individual businesses we also have multi-tenanted fibre internet solutions for landlords, developers, and business centre operators who want to be able offer their clients the extra edge that fibre internet delivers.

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Brands we work with

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You certainly talk the talk about resilience. But what if for some reason your network does fail?

If that unlikely event should ever occur we can offer a range of backup connectivity solutions based on fibre and/or DSL. Any failures are detected within seconds at our support centre which will then automatically instigate restoral of service. It’s all done as seamlessly as possible. In fact, you probably won’t even notice.

What's your market? Do you just serve SMEs or what?

We do have a lot of customers who are SMEs, yes, but they are by no means our only market. We also serve large national and multinational household-name enterprises and connect to many of Manchester’s big-business hubs, data centres and media campuses. Our fibre carries phone calls, TV shows, national newspapers and vast amounts of computer data every single day.

But whose fibre is it anyway? Who is The Loop? Why Manchester?

The fibre in the ground is 100% owned and managed by us. We think it’s a real engine for growth in what is set to be, financially, the strongest performing city in the UK*. The Loop supplies dark fibre and fibre services across Manchester and is part of Gamma, one of the UK’s largest networking and telecoms companies.

*  Manchester Evening News, Dec 2017

What if I want internet as a value-add for a business centre or an entire office block?

Talk to us about our multi-tenanted fibre internet services designed expressly for business premises in multiple occupancy. We have compelling solutions for owners, landlords and agents that can see companies move in then get on line in a matter of hours. It’s a big plus factor when companies are looking for new premises.

Do you have more questions?

Our local knowledge and experience of working on Manchester’s streets and roads means we can get you connected quicker, completing any ground works with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

If you have more questions – do not hesitate to get in touch.

Understand how we ensure quality service

At The Loop, we deliver the same impeccable quality standards as our parent company Gamma Communications plc, the UK-wide unified communications provider to customers including FTSE100 organisations, government and the NHS.

That means a comprehensive service governance model, with the majority of products certified to ISO22301, ISO27001 and ND1643 (OFCOM’s mandated security standard for next generation operators).

But quality is about more than ISO specifications, very important though they are. It’s also about people, about corporate culture and about having a certain approach to customer service.

We recognise that without customers we have no business, and so our entire organisation is shaped to deliver higher quality service than any other supplier in our sector.

From our network operations centre in the centre of Manchester, to the sales, provisioning and support teams that work from the same site, it’s customer-first.

Simply, we aim to deliver the most technically advanced and robust voice, data and business Internet possible, backed by a responsiveness and affordability that is second to none.

At The Loop, when we say quality, that’s what we’re talking about.

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