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MediaLinX from The Loop - fast, dedicated internet, delivered over fibre to your office or studio.

We understand that bandwidth is an enduring priority in the broadcast and media industries, whether that’s for post production, live recordings, transfer of HD or 4K video or digital publications and print layouts. If you need to move large media files faster, you need a dedicated fibre connection direct to your business that guarantees symmetrical speeds, up and down.

MediaLinX from The Loop provides the internet service you have been looking for. You get all the bandwidth you’ve paid for all the time. No ifs, no buts, no compromises. That’s because internet from The Loop is not shared, not contended and not dependent on the quality of your phone line or distance from the exchange. And we use Cisco routers - arguably the best in the industry. Resilient services can also be provided via a secondary link.

Get connected quickly too. We have one of the largest fibre footprints available in the city centre, passing thousands of addresses and we’re growing all the time. Our installations engineers know the city, know the streets and know how to get you online with fibre fast, with the minimum of disruption. And it is a locally managed service, based from our Manchester-based operations centre, we can pro-actively identify and resolve any issues quickly and easily.

We can also provide dedicated dark fibre point-to-point connections for file transfer between offices and many local centres of creative, media and broadcast production including MediaCityUK, The Sharp Project and Space Studios.

We know that reliable, secure and fast internet connectivity is essential to the everyday operation of today’s media and creative businesses. With MediaLinX from The Loop there is no more sharing of bandwidth and you get the same upload speeds as you get download. We provide a performance guarantee as standard, so the speed you order is the speed you get. Order 1Gb download and you’ll automatically have 1Gb upload.

We are so confident of our internet service that we promise guaranteed speeds 24 x 7 up and down or your money back*

*T&C’s Apply