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Dark fibre from The Loop is the fast, robust, affordable solution to moving large volumes of data securely and reliably around metropolitan Manchester.

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Market leading Dark Fibre connectivity

A well proven, dense fibre infrastructure network delivering secure, scalable and flexible connectivity to data centres and business communities across Manchester.

Our wholly-owned 180km network sits deep beneath the streets of Manchester, Salford and Trafford. Its multi-ring configuration delivers true diverse routing and market-leading resilience.

Serving the region’s data centres, media hubs and other key locations, it reaches the rest of the UK through the nationwide fibre network of our parent company Gamma.

And our unique footprint and local on-the-ground knowledge mean we can deliver service better, faster and at a price the others simply cannot match.

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The Loop’s fibre network runs much deeper in the ground than the fibre used by other providers. It is diversely routed for extra resilience, and is based on a multiple ring topology. This means virtually no disturbance from ground works.

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Proper Support

Call The Loop’s support line and you won’t get an overseas call centre or an agent who doesn’t have a clue. Instead you’ll get through to our 24/7 team located right here in Manchester, with skilled engineers ready to respond.

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4-hour guaranteed SLAs

When we talk about a four-hour response time we don’t mean the time taken for an engineer to be allocated and to get in touch. We mean four hours to have someone on site, with you, working on a fix.

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Our entire fibre network is buried deep and is wholly dedicated to business traffic for best-in-class security and privacy. We’re trusted by many of Manchester’s leading companies to transport their critical business data. You can trust us with yours too.

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Route diversity

Not only is our network deeper underground and so less prone to disturbance and damage. Its fibre is dual redundant, and with a topology that allows multiple different routes for traffic. If one link goes down, another takes over immediately.

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Cost Effective

Because our network is 100% owned by us, end to end, we’re not beholden to other operators. So we can set our own prices. And we’re certain you’ll find them some of the best prices going for fibre internet anywhere.

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Superfast delivery

With a network footprint spanning the entire Metropolitan area we’re already well placed to provision. And our installations team knows the streets, the business premises and the civils involved better than anyone else. We’ll get you connected quicker. No problem.

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When you work with The Loop you’re in good company. We connect and serve some of Manchester’s biggest and best-known companies. Data centres. Broadcasters. Media firms. Post-production. Studios. Enterprise centres. All of them trust The Loop to keep them online.

Brands we work with

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Why choose Dark Fibre from The Loop Manchester?

That’s a good question, and one with multiple answers.

For some, it’s because, well, because of our network. Wholly owned by us, it offers a unique blend of extensive reach and robustness, spanning Manchester, Salford and Trafford and configured as three rings for diversity and redundancy. Our fibre is buried deeper beneath the streets than other networks for greater resilience and security.

For some, it’s because we already interconnect Manchester’s most important digital locations including data centres and Media City to each other and to the world.

For some it’s because our operations, provisioning and support teams are based right here in the city. From delivering new connections to resolving tickets on existing ones, we get the job done while national providers are still thinking about it.

For some it’s a matter of cost. Because we wholly own the network, we can deliver services at highly competitive prices.

And for some it’s because we are local and responsive, but backed by the technical and financial weight of Gamma Communications plc, one of the UK’s most innovative and successful unified communications providers.

Whatever your reason for choosing The Loop, the fact is you’ll be in good company.

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Dark Fibre

Because our network is deep underground in its own ductwork you won’t suffer the disruptions to which more common shallow depth fibre is prone. With multiple fibre rings under the city we can also offer you the extra assurance of diverse routing to keep your important data traffic moving. And should you need it, you’ll find support from The Loop to be fast, friendly and efficient thanks to our Manchester-based engineers who are just a local phone call away.

Based on our own 180km+ of fibre extending right across Manchester, we deliver dedicated fibre direct to your locations, and offer bandwidth of up to 1G at a fraction of competitors’ prices.

We also provision 1G, 10G and up to 100G P2P Ethernet (Manchester – London and Slough) protected or unprotected.

Already reaching 15 datacentres, business hubs, media campuses and other key points across the city, and growing all the time, our own Manchester-based team can provision your fibre remarkably quickly.

If we don’t currently serve your location we’ll plan a custom solution and deliver it faster and on time.

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Brands we work with

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I get that your fibre is buried really deep. But why should I care?

The Loop network is in ducts metres below ground where it is considerably less prone to accidental or deliberate damage and disturbance. In contrast, some other providers barely scratch the surface with cheaper, shallower cable runs. Ask them what happens to their network – and more importantly your data – when a digger bucket breaks ground.

How fast is provisioning. Really?

We can deliver On-net connections within just 10 days. When a new site needs connecting, it’s our on-the-doorstep, street-by-street knowledge, and our relationships with the local authorities and other key actors, that enable us to quickly secure the wayleaves, do the due diligence and secure the civils needed to get the job done. We believe we have more experience than anyone in this particular area.

How diverse really is the network?

Some providers may claim to offer diversity because they have perhaps two final mile connections to a particular data centre or some other site. With The Loop it’s not just part of the path but the entire end-to-end connection that is diversely routed.  If you want optimum reliability and survivability then we believe that’s the only way to achieve it in practice.

What if something goes wrong?

Our specialist support team and our network operations centre are both located here in Manchester. Which means we’re only minutes away should a problem occur. What’s more, because the entirety of our network is wholly owned and managed by us, we don’t have to involve other providers for any or part of our connections. We own the network. We own the problem. We fix it.

Do you have more questions?

Our local knowledge and experience of working on Manchester’s streets and roads means we can get you connected quicker, completing any ground works with minimum fuss and disruption.

If you have more questions – do not hesitate to get in touch.

Understand how we ensure quality service

At The Loop, we deliver the same impeccable quality standards as our parent company Gamma Communications plc, the UK-wide unified communications provider to customers including FTSE100 organisations, government and the NHS.

That means a comprehensive service governance model, with the majority of products certified to ISO22301, ISO27001 and ND1643 (OFCOM’s mandated security standard for next generation operators).

But quality is about more than ISO specifications, very important though they are. It’s also about people, about corporate culture and about having a certain approach to customer service.

We recognise that without customers we have no business, and so our entire organisation is shaped to deliver higher quality service than any other supplier in our sector.

From our network operations centre in the centre of Manchester, to the sales, provisioning and support teams that work from the same site, it’s customer-first.

Simply, we aim to deliver the most technically advanced and robust voice, data and business Internet possible, backed by a responsiveness and affordability that is second to none.

At The Loop, when we say quality, that’s what we’re talking about.

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