Our Network

Part of Gamma Communications PLC, whose national network delivers business grade voice and data services to public and private sector organisations, The Loop is the trading name of an extensive fibre network in Manchester. The network originally consisted of 82Km of duct and sub-duct containing multiple fibre pairs wholly owned by Gamma and part of the original assets acquired from Atlantic Telecom in 2002 with a further 33Km of sub-duct extending south of Manchester to Airport City. Recent investment of additional fibre means that the network now covers 150km.  

The Loop consists of three separate loops which enables extra options for resilience. The numerous fibre pairs are contained within multiple sub-ducts and outer ducting buried deep underground, providing long term security of storage. 

The original fibre network lay dormant until its re-launch (as The Loop) in 2012. It spans a wide geographic area of Manchester with a footprint that runs through both urban/residential and commercial areas. The Loop fibre network has well established connections to most of Manchester’s leading datacentres and passes a number of key business and residential areas.

Offering an opportunity to access Manchester very quickly via an existing fibre network or alternatively through a long term sub-duct lease, The Loop is a valuable and unique network resource for the city and is perfect for powering today’s data hungry private and public sector organisations.

Our local knowledge and experience of working on Manchester’s streets and roads means we can get you connected quicker, completing any ground works with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Download the new KMZ Fibre network map now 

The Loop Metropolitan Fibre Network

The Loop Network Map