Gigabit connectivity in Manchester

Full Fibre network for superfast internet speeds in Manchester

Digital, media and post-production businesses across the UK have some of the most demanding data transfer requirements across Manchester. Our goal is to enable digital and production teams to work faster and be more productive. We do this by offering access to superfast internet speeds and uncontested resilience.

With a network that is built to support media production and digital requirements for the future, The Loop are now offering Gigabit Connectivity in Manchester at the scale you need, from 1Gb to virtually anything you want.

Making gigabit connectivity available in Manchester

Our full fibre network expands over 161 km in Manchester and enables us to support the digital infrastructure for media businesses, allowing site-to-site connectivity and bringing ultrafast private networks right at your door. 

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Key Benefits

  • High Capacity Network

    • Full fibre infrastructure that enhances the broadcaster’s capability to bring live events to audiencesResilient infrastructure within Manchester with diverse connectivity into 15 datacentres.
    • Resilient infrastructure within Manchester with diverse connectivity into 15 datacentres.
  • Scalability

    • Flexibility to increase bandwidth on your own private network, transcending traditional boundaries of competitor bandwidth
  • Customer Service

    • Single point of contact for all customer support, whenever you need it.
    • 4-hour SLAs and 10-day on net provisioning