Private Dedicated Networks

Low latency, Cost-effective, Scalable solutions for media and digital agencies in Manchester.

Media and digital agencies in Manchester looking for secure, dedicated fibre network directly to their location can now access The Loop’s fibre dedicated network.

The Loop fibre stretches over 161km in Manchester, connecting key media hubs such as Media City, OGS and Space Studios.

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Benefits Overview

  • Low latency
    Our network passes hundreds of buildings and already connects several leading names in the media sector. The Loop’s high capacity infrastructure enables high-speed bandwidth and supports large file transfers, including broadcast requirements for digital and post-production companies.
  • Security
    The network is physically dedicated to your business, so you can get the privacy you need, without any fuss!
  • Network diversity
    The Loop’s multiple fibre rings under the city offer extra assurance of diverse routing to keep important data traffic moving. This means that when others are down, your network is still up and running.
  • Cost effectiveness
    We own our network and this makes us good at bringing you the most cost-effective solutions on the market.
  • Superfast delivery
    The Loop infrastructure is deep underground in its own ductwork, so you don’t need to worry about any disruptions, but most importantly, about delivery times. We’ll get it done faster than anyone else, with 10-day on net provisioning.