Fast, dedicated to your business and delivered over fibre right to your front door, The Loop’s internet service gives you all of the bandwidth you’ve paid for. No ifs, no buts, no compromises.

That’s because internet from The Loop is not shared, not contended and not dependent on the quality of your phone line or distance from the exchange. Instead you get a dedicated, fibre connection all the way into our network giving you as much bandwidth as you need from 30Mb to 1Gb. And unlike the much slower uplinks of other services The Loop’s is symmetric - the same both ways. Order 1Gb download and you’ll automatically have 1Gb upload.

Get connected quickly too. The Loop’s extensive fibre network passes thousands of addresses already and we’re growing all the time. Our installations engineers know the city, know the streets and know how to get you online with fibre fast, without mess or disruption.

Fully business grade all our internet services use Cisco routers - arguably the best in the industry. Our services are highly resilient with a range of backup options around fibre or DSL. They’re fully managed too from our Manchester-based operations centre so we can spot and take care of any problems. And in the event you need support, our local team is on hand whenever you need them: you won’t get put through to an overseas call centre.

As well as individual businesses we also have multi-tenanted fibre internet solutions for landlords, developers, and business centre operators who want to be able offer their clients the extra edge that fibre internet delivers.

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